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April 23, 2008


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This aint a really big scandal for the final week. My concern with this one is that it might throw a few tory voters to the right wing minor parties... I am a tory, but I would do anything to stop the BNP


Dave, if Ken did it, this would certainly have been tucked away in a tiny corner. This is a minor infringement, unlike the other clangers Ken has dropped, like saying rail fairs won't go up, or saying he had put that the congestion charge was going to go up in his 2004 manifesto. Any saying stuff like his proudest moment was when he stuffed New Labour. there is so much else to make headlines about, they are not going to bother with a tiny thing like this, if it were him!


Dave, the more I think about this, the angrier I am getting! KEN HAS LIED TO US AGAIN. ONCE AGAIN, HE TAKES LONDONERS FOR TOTAL FOOLS.

Last election, he vowed to freeze bus fares and hold tube fares to the rate of inflation.

Once he had won, up went bus fares by 10%!!

Now he has b.... done it again! 30th Oct. 2007, he promised Single tube, bus, DLR, and tram fares to be frozen from Jan. 2008.

12 Dec. 2007, that changed to I intend to freeze Tube fares in real terms in 2009.

Now we get the vague statement, fares will continue to be held down.


Whaddya know!! He has done a bleeping deal and agreed with TfL to increase bus fares by 2% above inflation and tube fares by 1% in 2009 and 2010!!

How can anyone vote for this chronic, inveterate and habitual LIAR!!!

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