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April 29, 2008


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Dave, it is good you came out and picked a side because we are so so lucky in this country to have the privilege of free speech and to have our vote unhindered and we should never ever waste that.


An excellent, well thought out post and a good conclusion to your coverage of London.

But what happens when The Evening Boris hacks hear about this?

Thanks for all the London coverage, Dave. Its been excellent for someone like me outside of the capital to keep on top of things and the latest developments.

Such a shame I have no clue who will win after the series of conflicting polls and media campaign against Livingstone.


This is a very well thought out blog post and I respect your opinion.

I have switched my mind back and forth through out this campaign.

Thankyou for your well thought out insight into this race.

I will probably vote for change at the end of the day.


Your previously reasonably even-handed blog has become rather partisan in the last week of the run-up.


I have to agree - you have got rather more partisan of late. Still, I've enjoyed your coverage. It'll be nice to see Big Britain and Claptonian back on the scene too.

A couple of days ago I was pretty sure that Livingstone was going to edge it. Over the last two days I've come to the opposite conclusion. The canvassing I've been doing for Boris suggests that we've made respectable inroads into Ken's vote, even here in Hackney, and amongst more groups of voters that I dared hope for. What's convinced me are the people who, with a deep sense of doing something that goes against the grain, are giving the Tories the benefit of the doubt. For the party's future fortunes in London, Boris had better do good... (and I'm sure he will).

Dave  Hill

On partisanship, I've been partisan for Ken all along but wanted to judge his candidacy in a clear-eyed manner, be fair to the other candidates and avoid this being an attack blog.

I also wanted to convey something of the flavour of the campaign in general, pick up on interesting points about all the contenders and so on. I think it's reasonable for me to reach a conclusion right at the end about whom I'd like to see win, being sure to set out my reasons in a - well - fair and hopefully generous manner. I'm pleased, though, the readers from all sides of the debate have found the blog interesting. And tomorrow...we vote!

David Shipley

Only the converted will think you are trying to be even-handed. There are examples throughout your piece of inadvertent bias - the comparison between the Standard (paid for by readers and advertisers) and Ken's Londoner (paid for by public funds) being but one. The Standard is free to be as partisan as it likes (as of course is the Guardian). It is only a scandal if the Londoner is a mouthpiece for Ken.

And the stuff about leadership after 7/7 is "Princess of Hearts" fake-emotional nonsense - Londoners do not need a mayor to tell them how to behave under pressure. Likewise crediting Ken for the fact that Brian Paddick and his partner can go for a walk without being set upon - Ken is incidental to the change in attitudes, which has taken place all over England and elsewhere in the developed world.

I must admit I am worried by Boris's lack of management experience, but I would hope he would have more integrity than Ken - you might not like Gilligan's stuff, but I have never seen a coherent rebuttal of it.
Looks like we are about to find out about Boris's capabilities - it will be interesting. Will the pro-Ken chiefs of TfL and the Met stick around?

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