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April 28, 2008


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And it appears that Team Boris have come up with an absolute transport howler. Their latest backer, Brian Cooke, launched into a blistering attack on the 24 Freedom Pass in a Boris Johnson campaign statement.

He called the extension of the scheme "a mad idea" and "plain daft". This, despite earlier protestations from the Boris Johnson campaign that that they would support the scheme and that arguments to the contrary were a smear.

This is clearly an embarrasment to the Johnson campaign, who desperately rely on older people's votes. They have taken the press release down from their site. However, it's still available through Ken's website:

Martin from MayorWatch

As Graham says - Cooke's endorsement contains a slamming of Johnson's own policy.



Seems pretty clear, he thinks Boris will do a great job but disagrees with his flagship bus policy and 24 hour Freedom Pass.

There's also a logical inconsistency where he claims that because there's likely to be a Conservative administration in Westminster before the end of the current Mayoral term Boris is better placed to work with them, but the current Labour administration would work perfectly well with Boris. Why then would a future Conservative administration not work with Livingstone, then. What are they planning? In any case, why should we vote in London based on what might happen nationally in two years time?

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