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April 21, 2008


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This will be an interesting race to watch. I will vote for Boris but whoever wins this election will have earned it.

Bout time Ken atleast got a run for his money.


Your article is very interesting and does capture many of the complexities of Boris Johnson. However, I genuinely believe that one of his guiding principles in Boris's life is that he hates to hurt peoples' feelings. Some people might see this as a weakness in a politician, but really it is his strength and why so many people warm to him and are tolerant of his failings. Dave we are all human, and no doubt, Boris has cracked many a witty riposte in the past for a certain audience, without having to worry that it might hurt someone. Now he is faced with a far wider audience, for whom the transient humour was not necessarily intended and I truly do think it upsets him to realise that inadvertantly or if he is taken out of context, or misquoted, he might be hurting someone when that is the one thing that he really hates to do.

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