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April 07, 2008


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Amnesty? YES.... Earned Amnesty and Point System. Only those who can inject into the economy. I saw moaners about the amnesty who actually cannot help solve the recent problem. Stop!

Boris is trying his best and is proving himself right. To Boris: It is better to do something than to do nothing... So, Way to go! Some say the illegals take the jobs of the legit. Well if the legit searched and worked hard, (and not jumped from one job to another), the legit would have landed in the job. Isn't it? The thing is, there are jobs available for people who are willing to work and not very fuss. Chill.

The Amnesty have been proven to work in an ailing economy. I agree they have broken the law and stayed illegally... Well, now is the time they pay the British Economy back.... in taxes!

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