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April 02, 2008


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Boris clearly knows his stuff on housing.


As you say Dave, Paddick's is absurdly short. It's not a manifesto, it's barely even a briefing not. But for balance I followed all three links - Paddick = 1 page. Ken = 11 pages. Boris = 38 pages. Now I don't know whether longer necessarily means better in this context, but I think it does say something about Boris having devoted quite some time (3 times as much?) to an issue that you might not expect the Tory to make a top priority.

On a personal note, my problem with housing in London is that there is no help available unless you are a teacher or on a really low income. For most Londoners (yes, most Londoners in work earn over £20k) there isn't a scheme. Boris's below market rate idea, which looks pretty hard for an average punter to understand all the detail of, does at least actually try to do something for normal people who earn a reasonable wage but can't afford London's crazy house prices.

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