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April 06, 2008


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The Tory Troll

I have stopped even bothering to read the Standard in recent months. I used to buy it on the way home as it had much better reporting than the free sheets. However, it has become more and more biased and I can't see myself buying it again, which is a shame.

On the subject of bias, Stop Boris blog has a really good question by question analysis of today's Boris interview/ front page in the Telegraph:


Stop Boris


No political point-scoring in this comment from Stop Boris for once - indeed you need not even approve this commnet through moderation. I just wanted to alert you to some sort of unclosed blockquote tag or similar somewhere in this post which is causing havoc with your blog's design, turning everything italic, and in more strictly standards-compliant browsers (e.g. Opera) resulting in all the black text of your whole front page appearing on a navy blue background, which is hard to read to say the least!

Perhaps if you have five minutes to spare at some point you could track down and insert the necessary closing tag? Thanks!

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