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April 28, 2008


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Dave, nobody on LBC said much that was sensible, and several of them said things that were ridiculous.

I am saying this to you because this is how you all treated the candidates, so we ordinary people should probably treat you like that, like The Mirror Effect in the book THE 33 STRATEGIES OF WAR.

It must have been so hard for all of the candidates, tired as they were to say anything fresh at this stage, when the questions were not very original and they know that the media are baying like hounds seeking the slightest slip to throw them to the wolves and rip their faces off! No pressure then.

All the pundits on LBC were petulant and very hard to please, they were fashionably cynical, maybe because it takes guts to stick your neck out and pick a side. Much easier to ridicule all of them. you were not the worst one, but slagging off people who stand up to do things seems to be a national pastime.

There will be a much bigger turnout this time, so someone must have performed in a way to catch the eye of the public. It didn't happen last election. Something was very different this time. this has become one of the most exciting elections for decades that has totally caught the public imagination. Don't draw any conclusion on that though, you might have to say something nice about someone. Someone has totally confounded peoples' expectations of him, but don't mention that, except to sneer!

We have been faced with three very different optins for Mayor. Ordinary people are discussing and thinking aobut issues that last time nobody bothered to think about. Why not get behind someone just for once? The way you all behaved in that debate, you were just taking the cowardly option.

The Tory Troll

Just downloaded the LBC discussion from Stop Boris. Good to listen to commentary from people who actually know what they're talking about. It was certainly a lot more interesting than the debate itself. Also, a great comparison between Boris and a student who desperately crams for exams over the holidays.

You can download the full discussion here:


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