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April 19, 2008


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David Boothroyd

I was there and I thought Ken put up a good show and defence when criticised; Brian Paddick tried a few rabble-rousing lines of which only about half worked. Sian Berry was very straightforward and came across well; I was surprised Lindsay German was not tackled about her 'shibboleths' quote.

But the stand-out was Boris who was utterly useless. His opening speech was a standard campaign speech into which he shoehorned two mentions of "the LGBT community" without commenting on anything actually specific. When questioned he gave obviously incorrect explanations for his past statements.

Anyone who votes for Boris on the grounds that his policy for the LGBT community is better than the other candidates would have to be stark staring bonkers.

Dave Cole

Good write-up, Dave. It must go with the name, as I have a write up over at my blog - http://davecole.org/blog/2008/04/22/the-stonewall-hustings/.

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