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May 12, 2008


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Phil Taylor


The writer probably doesn't know that the old Mayor's total comms spending was about £100 million. For instance, £3 million to promote the Tour de France. £3.3 million to run the LEZ and Emissions Related Congestion Charging consultations (which were essentially ad campaigns with consultations attached).

So the Mayor spent £100 million out of a total expenditure in the order of £10 billion, ie 1%.

My local Authority spent about £3 million on publicity in 2006/7 out of total expenditure of about £900 million, ie 0.33%.

The Central Office of Information, which is essentially a central advertising clearing house for the government, spent £338 million in 2006/7 in the context of total managed expenditure by government of about £550 billion, ie 0.06%.

Government spends a lot more on comms outside the COI but I think we have shown that the Mayor was raping and pillaging. While some GLA body campaigns were no doubt worthwhile there was way too much of it.

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