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May 19, 2008


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The Tory Troll

Fascinating stuff Dave. I was just posting on this myself when I saw your email from Ken. I can't believe he's getting involved already. I wonder what the Standard will say about that?

Also really interesting to see Dimoldeberg putting his pennyworth in. I am just reading his book 'The Westminster Whistleblowers' at the moment. A great, if worrying read if you haven't already read it. From what I've read so far, Millton was not as detached from Homes for Votes as I had previously thought. I think Dimoldenberg may end up being a real thorn in the side of the new administration if he carries on like this.


What do say they about people that talk about themselves in the third person?

The Tory Troll

That they're really great people?


There seems to be a feeling amongst Ken supporters that Boris Johnson won by some fluke or trick of fate, and he is just the usurping upstart Pretender who has replaced the true Mayor. They think that all of London is longing to return to what they remember as KEN! THE GOLDEN AGE! What they seem to forget is that Boris was democratically chosen by Londoners in preference to Ken, he won fair and square and Ken actually lost.

Vox populi vox dei est.

Ken certainly did some good things but there were huge areas of concern regarding him that his supporters totally ignore, and not the least of these was that people just don't trust him anymore. That is just one of the reasons why he lost though. (I'm thrilled, by the way, that Boris is protecting the historical views of London and banning loads of skyscrapers - this is probably seen by Ken troopers as another attempt to emasculate Ken).

Ken's supporters are taking Ken's defeat incredibly personally - to them the only thing that matters is getting Boris out and Ken back in, and they don't care how they do it or how dirty they fight. What is best for Londoners is totally disregarded.

Ken obviously has an exciting media career to look forward to, which I am very happy about. Instead he is lurking on the fringes of City Hall, attending meetings, and breathing fire, vitriol and doom like some ailing Torquemada obsessed by his blond Nemesis. The awful thing about having a nemesis is that they always ARE your nemesis and they continue to get the better of you. It would be better if he developed his other interests, even if that is only for a year or two, because the person who is going to end up most hurt by his behaviour is Ken.

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