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May 21, 2008


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Adam Bienkov

I spoke to him afterwards and he talked about 'never having been in opposition before,' which suggests to me that he sees himself as a shadow Mayor figure (or shadowy Mayor figure as Boris probably sees him). Although at first I couldn't see him standing again, now he has got this radio show and started sending out these press releases (they seem to have found there way to me now) I wouldn't be so surprised.

The guy from the Standard asked him who was running his new press operation and whether the Labour party were paying for it (another ES conspiracy theory developing?) and Ken said that it was 'some old associates. I wonder who he could mean...

Martin from MayorWatch

Dave was interested in this as we spoke about it this am - I had to change the title of my take on the same ground:


If you've not seen it, Ken (briefly) answers some of the issues we were discussing.

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