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May 22, 2008


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Phil Taylor

If Labour tries to mire London government in legal action rather than letting Boris get on with it - as envisaged by the GLA Act, then it will earn Londoners' hatred.

Londoners decide who is Mayor not Labour's lawyers.

Dave  Hill

Which Londoners?



Londoners DID decide who should be London's Mayor but I don't think anyone was ready for the winner deciding he didn't want to do the job and passing all his responsibilities to grandly entitled appointees.

Phil Taylor


If you don't like elections go and live in China. I hear they have a proper respect for the ruling party there.

Yesterday the voters told the ruling party what they thought of them for the second time in a month.

Taking the newly elected Conservative Mayor to law at public expense over someone who is offering to work unpaid will not endear London Labour to Londoners. Duvall should think again.

Dave  Hill

Careful Phil - you're sounding like the silliest kind of 1980s Tory ("If socialism's so great, why don't you go and live in Russia! Ya-boo!"). Firstly, no-one is disputing the election result. Secondly, if - it's only an "if" - some of Boris's appointments are in breach of one of Mrs Thatcher's laws about these things, shouldn't "the party of law and order" put its house in order rather than obliging others to see that it does so at tax-payer' expense?

Adam Bienkov

Usually when you elect someone you assume it is going to be them who will actually be running the show, not some huge unelected Quango most of whom voters have never and will never hear of let alone vote for. Whatever you might think about Ken, you at least knew it was him in charge and you could vote him in or out accordingly, with Boris nobody has a clue who really is running the city and for what ends.

It's not a matter of not accepting the elections, it's a matter of holding to account the man who has been elected. And when that man himself does not even have his hands on the wheel, that becomes a very tricky thing to do.

J. Wild


I would have expected something a little more grown-up from an elected official such as yourself. Dave does not seem to have a problem with the election result, but he does seem to be slightly concerned about potential abuses of power by the new mayor just a few short weeks into his tenure. The fact that someone is not paid for the work he does does not excuse him from scrutiny. If the law has been broken, it has been broken. Telling someone to go and live in China because they make comments you find uncomfortable does not really inspire confidence in your political abilities. I am sure you must be able to put together some real argumenst as to why Boris should be allowed to flout the law, can't you?

On China, of course, they are not too hot on opposition or, in fact, any kind of questioning of the regime. So, perhaps, maybe you would feel more comfortable there?


J. Wild


"Careful Phil - you're sounding like the silliest kind of 1980s Tory"

Dave - when you write a reply like "Which Londoners?", it's difficult to know exactly what you are trying to say and it hardly sounds like someone who has quite come to terms with the result. I'm sure you have, but it's hard to discern from that reply so perhaps clarify that rather than jumping down Phil's neck.

Dave  Hill

What I mean by asking "which Londoners?", Rob, is that very few of them, whichever candidate they voted for, will want the new Mayor to govern without regard for the relevant Act of Parliament! Johnson benefited throughout the campaign from the Evening Standard's insistence that Livingstone and his team had bent or broken all sorts of rules. To document the possibility that Johnson may have done the same thing within days of taking office is hardly to have trouble coming to terms with the result. On the contrary, it is scrutinise the winner's behaviour now that he's in office. You and Phil Taylor give the impression of thinking Tories should be exempt from such attention. Be careful. That kind of arrogance - so typical of Conservatives last time they were in power - could end up losing you a general election.


Another one for Phil - do you happen to remember which London councils went to court (doubtless using taxpayers money) to try and stop the congestion charge (which, lest memory fade, was a manifesto commitment from an elected Mayor)? If you do happen to have the information, would you mind sharing it? I'll look it up if you don't have time, so don't put yourself out.

Anyway, there's a very simple logical test here - if we don't accept that Boris won, why are we spending so much time holding him to account?

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