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May 01, 2008


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so who's won? seems like boris, says conservative home. your guess, dave?

Dave  Hill

I'd put a pound on Boris - not a penny more - to win and hope to be a pound worse off by bedtime tomorrow...

Martin from MayorWatch

Ken by 3% if I were to match Dave's pound.


Now that we have the result, I must say, life is exremely irritating. If everyone was just one thing, it would be so much easier, but they aren't.

Throughout the campaign, I have been mouthing off against Ken, and there is a side of him that genuinely repels me and an aspect of his behaviour that I find appalling.

When he made such a dignified and emotional leaving speech, and showed his love of London it reminded me of his good side, the one that made me vote for him the time he stood as an independent. Ken has a really good grip on reality, and he is feisty and brave. He also has as good a sense of humour as Boris, in a different way, not so wacky, more cynically amusing. He sees the down side of problems and you need someone like that.

It would be a shame if his talents went to waste, and sometimes it is better for us if things do end, because then we are pushed towards something else. Couldn't he be a sort of elder statesman adviser or something like that, to Boris? This election was as Boris, said, great for politics. They brought the best out of each other, like sporting contests can do, why can't they keep on doing that?

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