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May 26, 2008


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As I have said before, there is tendency at the moment by some Ken supporters, to regard the last Mayoralty as a constant rerun of KEN, THE GOLDEN AGE.

However, surely it is reasonable to point out that Ken Livingstone should partly carry the can for the dreadful rise in knife crime among our London youth? surely he has been negligent at the very least?

During the Mayoral election, Ken declared that this election would be fought on green issues. He identified this as his main issue and scoffed at anyone who did not agree that green issues were the priority, not crime. He betrayed an unattractive smugness in talking about crime, oh yes, crime statistics showed that crime was falling and if we didn't feel safe, we were just imagining danger, which was being whipped up for political purposes by the bad right wingers.

He banded with Sian Berry, whose policy on drugs included making ecstasy legal and establishing Dutch style coffee shops which would sell cannabis, so if Ken had actualy managed to win another term, no doubt half London would be high as kites by now or too out of their heads on ecstasy to notice what the crime figures were.

This misreading of the situation demonstrated how out of touch and insulated Ken had become (I remember reading he planned to build a beach on the bank of the Thames(!)) when this huge problem of youth crime was staring everyone in the face and crying out to be dealt with.

I truly hope, as you say, that all of London, including Ken's supporters, will get behind Ray Lewis in praying that he does a good job and makes an inroad into what has been a deeply neglected situation.


Hi Dave... As you directed that post partly at my previous comment on your blog, I should say thank you for the clarification - I find myself in complete agreement with what you've written here.


Dear old Jules is right behind Operation Blunt 2, if this week's Hackney Toady is to be believed. Not that it stops a barrage of statistics that prove criminals in Hackney are not only putting a life of crime behind them, but strewing rose petals in the paths of old ladies who wish to cross the road (a road, I might add, that has seen significantly fewer accidents under a Labour council than was seen under the bad old days of.... etc etc).

And not a word of credit for Boris. Oh well.

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