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June 30, 2008


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Dave to pay a truly graceful compliment to Gay Pride, should people be showing pictures of horrible outfits? Boris should be tailored to swooning point in Armani or Pierre Cardin at the very least. Hair shorter, but still slightly tousled, hand made shoes, demeanour striking a balance between elegance and insouciance. Gay people are renowned for their exquisite taste, apart from the flamboyant dressers, so the most suitable compliment to the festival would be to turn up exquisitely dressed. However, one of my male gay friends tells he also appreciates truly original personalities, so Boris's own friendly shambolic style would be equally acceptable.

Mr Fingers

I just got back from the Mayor's Pride reception at City Hall.

Deary me, his speech was beyond bad. Apparently he's made up that these days London looks like that peace mural on the wall at Dalston Junction where there's "this and that ethnic minority" on it.

Yes, his words. If you can get a transcript of it, its worth publishing in all its poorly briefed, couldn't give a fuck, incompetent boorishness.

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