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June 17, 2008


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"The Mayor is unequivocal that there is no place for racism or division in London."
Great! ...Especially the bit about "division". Does that mean, therefore, that in future we'll hear less about the Somali community, the Afro-Caribbean community, the Pakistani community, the Bangladeshi community, the Indian community, the Turkish community, the Cypriot community, the Muslim community, the Sikh community, the West Indian community, the Jamaican community, or the Irish or Scottish community, to name but a few? I suspect not, as the statement immediately goes on to say "to celebrate what we share in common and enjoy the rich cultural contribution of different communities".
Ah, I see, "different communities".
I wonder if by any chance that might include that rare beast the "English community"?

Dave  Hill

Firstly, Croyboy, I think you've posted your comment under the wrong story. Secondly, can you indicate where Mayor Johnson has said that the "English community" will be excluded from anything at all?

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