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June 30, 2008


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Tory Troll

I preferred the "unacceptable face of asset stripping" quote, referring to Mr. P. I wonder if he will be returning to the subject this afternoon.

William Canynge

The 'bovver boy' comment betrays a Livingstonian distaste for the outer suburbs that eventually became his downfall. His condescenion towards anyone who doesn't fit his view of the world was always going to leave him with too few friends. In 1998 I raised just this issue with him at a Putney CLP meeting, and he was highly dismissive. As I didn't feel that I had got a good enough answer I wrote to him to suggest that he avoided patronising comments about the rest of the country. I was concerned that that the lazy prejudices of the London Left were as distasteful as the prejudices of the Home Counties Right. He never bothered to reply.

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