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June 10, 2008


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The chance to be Mayor during the 2012 Olympics, especially for the man that helped secure them, would certainly be an attractive proposition for Ken.

I imagine he'd only want to run again if the polls were looking bad for Boris as the next election looms though so it makes sense to maintain a high profile to give himself the option (although if the polls are to be believed, a number of quite capable current MPs and cabinet ministers may be looking for a job about then too).

I'm still half expecting him to apply for a press pass and turn up at Boris' press conferences. I think it was you Dave that said "he hasn't gone away, you know", with its obvious echoes, which still makes me chuckle.


I never thought he wouldn't. I chuckled at Ken's comment on winning Best Politician in the Observer's 2008 Ethical Awards: "If I win this three years in a row, do I get to be mayor again?"


At this rate there'll be a lot of work for him re-establishing the city government for a second time - I'm getting strong echoes of the dismantling of the GLC in the pattern of recent decisions - Boris gets power, then immediately seeks to either cut back (Parker, TfL, LDA) or devolve power to Tory borough chiefs (Clement, that fat chap from Hammersmith whose name escapes me).

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