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June 09, 2008


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I don't understand some of the posts on this website, but maybe I am misunderstanding. Are some Ken supporters saying that there has been no wrong doing whatsoever and the Wheatcroft investigation is just a body whose remit is solely to discredit Ken and smear his administration? Because if that is what they are implying, I just cannot believe that. Surely also it would have been hard for the Wheatcroft team to include any Labour supporters, because (a) who from Labour would volunteer for such a task, and they are working for free and (b) if Labour members did agree to be on the investigation, surely they would have been slated if the investigation found any evidence?

Surely the important thing is what will be their results and these will all have to be verifiable and based on proper evidence? There does seem to be provable evidence of SOME wrongdoing. Because of that, the new Mayor was entitled to conduct an investigation, but its conclusions will have to be backed up with evidence. As for this kangaroo court business, I just don't believe it.

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