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June 04, 2008


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Thanks for the write-up, Dave.

Did Boris make any reference to the curious case of the consultants?

Roger Evans

I always wondered why Livingstone held weekly press conferences. On many occasions there was no news and he was reduced to presenting graphs on boards and answering questions from a handful of obscure journos. When there were scandals the room filled up but the questions focussed on subjects he wouldn't want to discuss. I suspect he came to regret the regular ritual and Boris is wise to cut the number right at the start before he can be portrayed as avoiding awkward issues.

I could understand the hacks' faux anger if they had bothered to turn up to every Livingstone press conference but almost none of them did.

If you want scrutiny there is always Mayor's Question Time...


Thanks for the balanced roundup, Dave.

I'm not sure it reflects well on the press that they apparently had unlimited scope for questioning Ken and yet his last three news conferences were just 43, 27 and 37 min long respectively, and that included lengthy statements from Ken and whatever guest(s) he had with him and a period of questioning on the specific topic of his choice before open questions.

Weekly press conferences and only monthly Mayor's Question Time (albeit two and half hours) actually sounds completely the opposite of how it should be.

Tory Troll's write up rather put me in mind of Woody Allen's famous "small portions" line.

Tory Troll

So in one month there was well over four times as much time for us to question him. And your point is what exactly Rob?


Roger - if you don't want Boris to be portrayed as avoiding awkward issues, is this best served by:

a) hiding from the press
b) not hiding from the press

I'm not particularly bothered what Ken Livingstone did or didn't do, this is your boy in charge now and you promised he'd be different. Time to ante up.

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