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June 03, 2008


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Mr. Stop Boris

Great list, Dave.

Is it true - and I ask this non-rhetorically, because I genuinely don't know, but think I heard it once - that Ken used to let his press conference continue until every journalist present had asked every last question they had for him?

I wonder if we'll see that approach from Boris!


Hasn't he already released a statement on question 1 - and surely he'd repeat that? From "Tackling Transport Crime" onwards here: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/media/newscentre/8382.aspx

I imagine most will be non-answers - on 8, for example, he'll probably bluster, as he did for most of the campaign on anything to do with buses.

But, then again, he might prove me wrong. I hope he does and answers them properly, as they're all nice and pressing...


Mr. Stop Boris: You can see the previous Mayor's press conferences here - http://www.london.gov.uk/webcasts.jsp


Please ask 10, I'd love to hear what he comes up with.


I reckon at this stage 3 and 6 are the ones that he can't pretend not to have an answer for yet so give those a go.


Regarding Sir Keith Park (question 2), I just read this and haven't seen it picked up anywhere else yet:

Looks like Boris is now backing the statue on the 4th plinth for six months in 2010 - to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Battle of Britain - before being moved to a permanent home elsewhere.

File this one under "the third way"?

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