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July 25, 2008


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What does Cohen mean by the "hysterias of the Livingstone administration"?


Cohen seems to have changed his tack. This is what he said about Browne in 2003:

"This line of cant has been developed by Anthony Browne, an occasional contributor to this paper, and a writer for the Times and Spectator, elite journals both. "Blair's epidemics" of Aids, TB and hepatitis B are being spread by asylum-seekers, he has asserted to great acclaim. You can understand the reasons for the applause. Browne has moved the debate on. Asylum-seekers are not only scroungers and terrorists but plague carriers, like the rats that brought the Black Death.



That last paragraph is wonderful, its like a "full-in-the-blanks" attack on which ever group the Veronica/Dacre have marked out for a savaging. It's even better because with a couple of replacements, you can turn it on its head:

"It's not centre-right thinking I (and the progressives) are against but the perversion of patriotism, morality and "middle England" by the Daily Mail and Evening Standard, which holds that it is somehow wicked to talk about asylum seekers' rights, feminism or climate change. After the hysterias of the Gilligan era, his sacking from Veronica's bunker ought to be a welcome sign that the Standard is at last moving on and becoming a more honest paper with higher journalistic standards."

Oh, only in my dreams.


The new version about "hysterias" makes more sense to me than the original version!

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