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July 09, 2008


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It seems clear that nothing was said at Millwall Stadium, and Boris was with Ray Lewis so that makes it even more unlikely. How they were supposed to read the paragraph at the bottom of the letter on the Global day of Prayer as a warning beats me - but all the time the church was sitting on this so called time bomb dossier..... it is all very very strange to say the least.

I do not believe that either Boris Johnson or David Cameron feel "embarrassment " about having supported and endorsed Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis has done marvellous work and he seemed to point a way and offer solutions for the dreadful violence and knife attacks in London. Why should they blame themselves for trying to make us safer and for trying to save kids' lives? That is all they were trying to do. There is not one right minded person in London who would blame them for seeking such solutions. No harm has been done to anyone through Ray Lewis being made Deputy Mayor. Instead, by his departure, a source of help has been removed.

I have to say I agree with the letter in yesterday's Times by David Aaronovitch, when he said "This constant witch hunt is the real scandal."

He argues that ""The laying low of political figures (and some others) through non-scandals, is becoming something of a scandal itself. Far from leading to good government and good politics, it is in danger of creating neutered government and supine politics. On every programme that I saw and heard, Mr. Lewis's departure was discussed as an "embarrassment" for the Tories, not as a possible setback for the fight against youth crime. Mr. Lewis should have stayed with his academy; once he had stepped into politics,he was doomed."

Boris Johnson had no choice but to accept Mr. Lewis's resignation, because if he had not, his crime initiative would have been smothered under the non-stop lurid headlines taking Ray Lewis to the cleaners.

To all the writers who are trying to make the focus of this issue the "embarrassment" of the Tory Party, I should like to say

In alio pediculum, in te ricinum non vides. (Petronius).*

By trying to shift the focus of the argument in this way, you will only polarise the feelings of decent people who genuinely want knife crime solved and violence to end, to support Mr. Johnson's initiative more strongly. Our swords are united in his defence and support and I speak metaphorically, because he would not want us to brandish a lethal weapon.

*You see the louse on someone else, but not the tick on yourself.



I keep hearing and reading about the "marvellous work" Ray Lewis does. Call me an old cynic, but I think it really is time to start ponying up with some concrete examples.

You seem fairly certain of this "marvellous work". Perhaps you could cast some much needed light on the matter.

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