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July 11, 2008


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Eastside Young Leaders Academy acounts are overdue according to Companies House website

If you look at the Charities Commission website ELYA spent a fair bit of dosh in their last filed accounts on their Ghana Trip with no text in the beginning to explain what they were doing there. Maybe bona fide but, as Chair of a charity myself, I would expect to sign accounts myself with an introduction explaining briefly what we had actually done if we did international work (which we have)

The Governance and Consultancy fees are also fairly high and vague.

Just a thought?

The really really scary stuff you don't seem to have picked up on in how Boris seems to be aligning himself with the campaign against child protection. His recent article in the Telegraph where he says that CRB checks for sports team volunteers are stiffling local sport betrays either extraordinary naivete or the conscious decision to ally himself with the uber libertarians who think CRB checking is unnecessary. There was something equally daft before he was elected on aviation companies not letting single men sit next to children.

Given his appointment of Munira Mirza (ex Living Marxism) it is entirely possible that he now has bought into fellow Trot traveller Furedi's "Licenced to Hug" populist attack on child protection principles. This is very very very dangerous and your recent efforts in exposing Boris for his poor judgement on Ray Lewis might usefully be extended to his views of protecting children from abuse more generally.


I don't see how an after-school club for boys in London could justify spending over £7 000 on a trip to Ghana for person(s) unknown. I'm sure Ken Livingstone's trip to Venezuela cost less than that.

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