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July 29, 2008


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Sounds like a brush off to me - the question asks on the progress, the answer essentially says there hasn't been any.

Mr. Stop Boris

What HyrcanianTiger said; and also don't forget that the earliest-issued of the half-price cards currently in use (which I understand have a six-month duration) will expire in the next week or two, while the 'next fares revision' isn't until January - nearly six months away.

So pretty much everyone currently enjoying half-price bus travel under the scheme will see fares double at some point between now and the 'next fares revision', for anything from a week or two to 5-6 months - or for ever, as I imagine is the most likely outcome of this 'consideration' (aka staving off the final announcement of permanent doubling for as long as possible in the hope the media are bored by the prospect and think it is old news by the time it's finally confirmed so don't kick up a fuss about it). Cynical, me?

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