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July 18, 2008


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I think it would all depend on who else came forward. At present the only suggestions have been:

1. Alan Sugar - God help us
2. Oona King - I'm pretty sure she's ruled out coming back into politics
3. Jon Cruddas - still seems a bit of a long shot
4. John Biggs - this rumour is gathering apace and I wouldn't be surprised if he went for it
5. Ken

Of course if Labour are beaten nationally by a landslide then there is going to be a lot of out of work MPs so I expect there will be a lot of competition when the time comes.

I still think that there is room for an independent challenger to come in and win it. Of course with so much competition for the Labour candidature that candidate could well end up being Ken.


John Biggs has all the brains of a jackass, the charm of a mamba and the charisma of a stuffed vulture, so I hope he goes for it.

Frankie Roberto

It's a long way off, so we'll have to wait and see. But if Johnson's mayoralty really is a disaster (as judged by progressive Londoners), then Ken standing again would be welcomed.

The big question though is whether Boris will get his way with a 2-term limit imposed on the Mayor's position, which would effectively rule out Ken from standing. A Labour government wouldn't allow this law change to happen, but a Tory government might.


I think any government would be reluctant to pass such a term limit for Mayor of London, because they'd face demands to do the same with the post of Prime Minister.


I will place a bet right now to anyone brave enough to take it that Boris Johnson will beat any of the candidates in the above list. I will place £50 on Boris to win and that is the faith I have in him. ANY TAKERS?

ps. I shouldn't have lost my temper and been so rude about John Biggs. It is not civilised and I am sorry.


"I will place £50 on Boris to win and that is the faith I have in him."

You might want to assure yourself that Boris will actually run in the elction before making rash offers. If the conversations I have been having with Tory MPs in the past few weeks hold any water, this is a bet you will assuredly lose.


Spicy, why is that? Share your knowledge, we would all like to know.

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