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July 05, 2008


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If his record is so good, why did he feel the need to polish his halo by pretending to have done more than he actually did?

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that Lewis has two accents (not that this is unusual in London*). He swaps between them almost at random when under stress. The obvious difference is in words with a 't' in.

* my missus, London born and bred, gets posher the more vodka she imbibes.

The Bristol Blogger

Yeah. The praise heaped on Lewis for his "charity work" is out of all proportion to what he's actually doing and what he could have achieved in just four years.

EYLA is a tiny organisation that turned over less than £300k in 2006 and around £440k in 2007 and basically delivers a few evangelically-based after school clubs to black boys.

Who in their right mind believes you can go from running a small, slight loopey Christian charity to solving the youth crime issues of the largest city in Europe?

Where's the hard evidence of Lewis's achievments? There's endless press stories (including in the Guardian) of his remarkable successes but what exactly are they and how have they been measured?

And since EYLA only started in 2003, there's not a shred of long term evidence to back up any claims made by Lewis and his friends in the press and the Tory Party about the EYLA.

Had Lewis been doing this for 20 years he might have a case but Lewis doesn't do things for 20 years does he? He does things for a few years and then gets found out.

He is an expert purveyor of PR and hot air that nobody's ever bothered to properly check out.


Yes, I noticed the accent at the State Of London Debate. Munira, also, was self-consciously adopting a Lahndahn-stylee glo'al stop.


I'm curious about this item of expenditure in the 2006 EYLA accounts: "Ghana Trip £7 311".


Tom, nobody is perfect. Maybe he has a side that likes to show off, so he bigged himself up. That doesn't detract from the fact that he is someone who is actually offering a viable solution to one of the worst problems that London has to face at the moment. At least he has put himself on the line and taken action, even if, as he himself says, he is no saint, but who of us is, for crying out loud!

We are all flawed, we are all imperfect, and if we expect our leaders or anyone in authority to be totally perfect, we are just asking to be deceived. Obviously certain things are totally unacceptable, but until we know the absolute truth of what he has and has not done, we should give him the benefit of the doubt.


angela, the reason I called you a troll the other week is still blindingly obvious - you're unfalsifiable. In other words, whatever happens, it supports your position. It's impossible to debate against, all one can do is point it out and move on.

"if we expect our leaders or anyone in authority to be totally perfect, we are just asking to be deceived"

Well, quite. That's actually my point, I think you'll find, with the addition that the entire Conservative Party appear to be unaware of this useful rule. Yet you still support them, which brings me back to Point One.

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