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July 17, 2008


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Best photo ever.


Ken's not the only mischief maker it seems.


Really great picture - her expression is hilarious. it's not a caption, but it should be GOTCHA!


Fair play to her. At least one member of the Boris regime has a sense of humour. The real question for Dave is - did Ken and Munira talk to each other at all?

Dave  Hill

Hello Shelby. Yes, she was very good-humoured about it given that she was effectively ambushed. The three of us were talking and I suddenly thought, "Great picture!" So I took out my camera and asked if they'd mind. Ken leapt at the opportunity and Munira said, "Oh no!" I suppose she had no choice unless she wanted to appear a killjoy but I hope she'll forgive me. I enjoyed our conversation.

Frankie Roberto

She looks tiny (and pretty). Good to hear she was good-natured about the whole thing.

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