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July 31, 2008


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Don't we have these 'school' things for that? Obviously if Boris wants to take over the direction of London's schools he's welcome to put it to Parliament. We could set up a body administered by London's government called, oo, something like the Inner London Education Authority. I wonder why no one thought of that before?

Oh, they did - it was abolished by a previous Member for Henley, oddly enough.


is it me but aren't they his jobs


If Boris wants to add some further in-put, surely that is all to the good? He is so inspirational the way he is tackling knife crime and giving it his all, and so many of the kids say they can relate to him and trust him.

This was an interesting article, the only bit I didn't understand was the bit where it said that a Streatham chocolatier is going to make a statue of Boris in chocolate. Great idea, but won't it melt? Maybe, as he is also a sculptor, he is planning to keep it in specially regulated conditions, so it stays intact. Or is he going to make lots of chocolate mini Borises, for us to buy, that would be way cool. ps. If he is making a huge statue, they could put it in Tate Modern, it would be amazing.


"He is so inspirational the way he is tackling knife crime and giving it his all"

What's he done about knife crime, pray? Appoint Ray Lewis, then be forced to throw him overboard? Stand shoulder to shoulder with Sir Ian Blair, then have your policing bloke look for ways to sack him? Cut £12m from the Met Police budget? I'm sleeping safer in my bed already, angela.

I wish he'd tackle the 40% rise in gun-enabled crime round our way, frankly. In fact, I wish he'd set his priorities based on the bloody evidence. See my recent Boris Watch graph on the London murder rate since 1990, for instance.

" If he is making a huge statue, they could put it in Tate Modern, it would be amazing."

Even better, they could put the chocolate one in City Hall and the real one in the Tate Modern. At least that way morons like Anthony Browne wouldn't be given jobs.


'“If this was Istanbul or any other European city the river would be bustling with businessmen going to work,” he said.'

Bullshit. Name all the European cities whose rivers are used for daily commuting.

The speed limit for commuter craft was halved quite recently, pissing off all the people (some of them are *women*, imagine that!) who do use the Thames to commute.


"...so many of the kids say they can relate to him and trust him" - which kids would these be? The ones who attend the Ancient Greek Breakfast Club at Godolphin and Latymer, maybe?

I'm with Tom on the 40% rise in gun crime in Hounslow. Maybe we can use Tony Arbour as a human shield.


"Bullshit. Name all the European cities whose rivers are used for daily commuting."

Venice? Where else? Rome, Copenhagen, perhaps. I wouldn't necessarily say any of these were bustling - probably only in Venice is it a significant percentage.

Possibly the ones where it's worthwhile would be where the river is vaguely straight, which in London is only really downstream of about Westminster to the Isle of Dogs - it's far too bendy to the west to beat the ample rail services on time and down east you've got the DLR soon crossing the Thames twice, which is also going to win.

In fact it's astonishing how Boris avoids mentioning conventional, worthwhile public transport (buses, metros, light rail) at all possible points - if you're importing ideas why pick on river transport rather than, say, Copenhagen's new driverless metro system, with its frequent, short trains (minimising station size and waiting times), which would be eminently suitable for parts of London not currently served by either the Tube or overground railways. Instead we get orbital buses, bloody Routemasters and boats.


Tom, for a start he has hugely increased awareness of the problem, UNLIKE Ken, who was always saying it was all OK and make green issues his most important election issue, showed how out out of touch he was. Then Boris is protecting and reclaiming playing fields to give kids something else to do. There are initiatives to provide other outlets, such as musical groups. He has announced £700,000 to be spent to keep teenagers out of gangs, which will go to three projects, Calling the Shots, Watch over Me, run by Kids Task Force, and Miss dorothy .com. He is continually visiting youth centres - Brizton Road Youth Centre was closed down, but now has been reopened. He is also calling for stiffer penalties for those caught carrying a knife.
He is also trying to stop kids from joining gangs by offering work placements.working with David Cameron to tackle modern problems. there is more info. I could find out for you, if this is not enough. He is putting his heart and soul into this Tom, and I find it inspiring and I was so sorry for what happened to Ray Lewis and I hope he is OK. because it was just awful. It was not Boris's fault, and I stick to the point that Ray Lewis was an inspirational appointment. ps. if you want more info. just say, because I have kept all the newspaper cuttings.

ps. your remark about the chocolate statue was quite amusing, but I personally hope they do do a choc. statue and put it in the Tate and it will only be the first of many statues erected to Boris Johnson.


angela - you've obviously just pasted this without checking, I'm afraid - CTS, as its name suggests, was set up in 2005 when *gun crime* was the hot issue. In fact, none of the three projects funded with the £700k (all of which, I have to say, seem perfectly worthwhile) seem specifically about knife crime - the only link is in the spin put out by the Mayor's office and swallowed, as usual, by yourself.

Of course, that's without pointing out that CTS was prominently supported by, er, Ken Livingstone and Lee Jasper. So, apparently, were the other two, but I've only researched CTS so far. That's enough, however, to be able to (partly) rewrite your Boris-supporting piece more accurately as:

'Boris is going to cure knife crime by giving money to a project strongly associated with Livingstone and Jasper which deals with gun crime in the black community'.

Why you can't welcome it for what it is, I've no idea. I've got no problem applauding it, but let's not kid ourselves that it'll cure knife crime overnight.


'Then Boris is protecting and reclaiming playing fields to give kids something else to do'

why did he sign off on the sale of Holland Park school playing fields only a matter of weeks ago



Tom, nobody thinks anything will solve knife crime overnight. And just because Ken invested in projects previously doesn't mean it is wrong to keep supporting them now, Ken did some good things and Boris continually says that. I welcome what Boris has done because it will help kids, and it doesn't matter one way or the other whether it was previously connected with Ken, Boris Becker or Uncle Tom Cobley, the purpose is to HELP KIDS not make political capital.

CTS does work to prevent kids from getting into violent crime, not just guns.

And don't let's forget that Boris banned drink on the tube and public transport and this is also part of his initiative to prevent knife crime, and it is amazing nobody thought of this before.

My faith in our inspirational Mayor is unshaken.

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