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July 25, 2008


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Dave Cole

The only good thing about this is that I can say




However, it's obviously not his fault, but the nature of his job means it falls on him to read Transys the riot act. He's relying on them to deliver PAYG on National Rail, after all. This is where a bit of experience in modern public sector administration would be handy.

Steve Farr

Can't wait for Tim Parker to make one of his "difficult decisions" to sack the Oyster contract, subsequently bring in a super-upgraded hi-frequency RFID system with companies like Verisign and Nokia doing deals to use our super-wizzo-go/use-anywhere cards across a range of shops/services/energy/finance world-wide, and pay for it with a huge fare-hike brought forward from January. Oh and i almost forgot, these new RFID travel-cards will become mandatory in order to track people's movements, justified by the war on terror and preventing embarrassing protests (F4J, streakers etc.) at the 2012 Olympic Games[TM], and what ever "fear" politics can dream up in the near future. Mark you my words.

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