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July 25, 2008


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In Spain, Boris Johnson is known as El Genio. David Cameron is known as El Orgulosso. Ken is known as El Lobo. And Gordon Brown is known as El Stiffo. (JOKE)


And angela is known as La Loca?

How does Boris laying down the law to a borough on planning differ from Ken laying down the law to a borough on planning, except that Boris told us he was going to seek a new relationship with the boroughs?


I guess it's because Haringey don't fall into BoZo's sphere* of "friendly" boroughs, coupled with his doughnut diplomacy towards the 'burbs.



B-b-but he said he wasn't going to be divisive, like nasty old Ken. Next thing you know he'll invite an frothing right wing nut from the Mel Phillips school of barking mad PC fantasy to run his policies for him.


No Tom, I am La Liga and you are El Sarcastico.


Dave is El Bondadoso because he is so gentlemanly to everyone who blogs here!

Pam Isherwood

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