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July 04, 2008


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Mr. Stop Boris

Thanks for this insight Dave - I had wondered what had happened to the 'sexual' element. No pressure has been put on us at Boris Watch yet to remove our initial mentions - but then again there's no obvious way of privately contacting us on the site (perhaps we should change that...).

Incidentally, would you agree that the 'Deputy Mayor' title is shooting the administration in the foot now?

Looks like Martin from MayorWatch does:


Mr Stop Boris, indeed I do.

It's not Ray Lewis the man holding the interest for most of the press pack but the 'Deputy Mayor of London' as he was captioned by C4 last night despite being no such thing.

It was beyond me not to say 'I told you so' - I just don't have that level of self restraint.

There are - or were - some very cocky people in City Hall who thought they'd come up with a great wheeze to make it look like the paid staff doing the Mayor's jobs has some other status.

It was always a recipe for disaster but they didn't want to hear that at the time. Of course no-one is likely to make a public statement on the matter but it's impossible to believe inside City Hall they don't now see the error.

But having exploited the lack of specialist knowledge in most news outlets they're now trapped - they can't deny the job title Lewis was given neither can they suddenly alter it without it looking like a reaction to the allegations.

Boris has a duty to the legal office of Deputy Mayor of London to protect it from being damaged by claims made against his advisor and at present he's failing in that duty.

The constitutional office of Deputy Mayor is for the second day being tarnished by poorly worded and researched news coverage and all because someone's mate was awarded a vanity title.

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