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July 07, 2008


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Mr Fingers

Gilligan's point has merit of face value. But its not as if Lewis is being attacked for criminal misdemeanours in his youth. He's always been open about his naughty youth in South London and is exactly why he was effective in his post at ELYA and as a prison governor.

But the latest revelations about his behaviour when in posts of civic responsibility surely do call into question his role as a Deputy Mayor of London.

I'm sure when he's talking to his lads, he often pitches in with "Yeah, me and my mates knocked off the odd motor back in the day in Brixton". I'm not so sure he wins himself over to the kids with the old "I hear ya bruv, it was like when I pocketed that money from that old lady in my church" does he?


He was just slow in paying the money back and the lady in question still works with him, so how serious is this? However, it's immaterial now, he has gone.

I agree that Ray Lewis comes from the sort of background that understands why kids carry knives, and such experience must be invaluable in dealing with the situation.

I find it quite sick making how much emphasis is put on the political aspects of the Ray Lewis situation, on other websites, and not on the main issue, teenage violence and saving the lives of kids. It is a huge shame Ray Lewis isn't Deputy Mayor anymore, because he seemed to offer help for one of London's most serious problems, his academy was successful, and whatever wrong he has done in his life, the good he has done far far outweighs that.


"I agree that Ray Lewis comes from the sort of background that understands why kids carry knive"

Does Melanie Phillips? She certainly seems to think she knows. However, it's not what Mr. Lewis did as a kid that we're examining here, it's what he did as a supposedly respected member of the community. His youth is immaterial, in the same way that a man with an exemplary record at school doesn't get a free pass if he later takes to defrauding banks.

"the good he has done far far outweighs that"

To repeat, any opinion of Mr. Lewis' work emanating from the Conservative Party or Mr. Lewis himself now has to be treated with a degree of scepticism. That includes the amount of good he has done, if that can be in any way measured.


"any opinion of Mr. Lewis' work emanating from the Conservative Party or Mr. Lewis himself now has to be treated with a degree of scepticism"

So, maybe some opinions not emanating from the Conservative Party or Mr. Lewis might be useful?

Guardian Charity Awards 2007: Ray Of Hope

Lee Jasper: "His focus on personal responsibility and discipline are positive things and he is getting results. He has not got any experience of politics or delivering policy but that may work in his favour in some ways because he will be a breath of fresh air ... and when you are talking to young people in and around gangs you have to have radical solutions and be brave enough to follow them through, and he has that"

David Lammy MP
"There are a lot of young children who are from single parent backgrounds, and what they are saying is, 'We are worried about what our children are up to after school and at weekends, and being sucked into crime and anti-social behaviour'. This is precisely the sort of scheme we should have."

Councillor Liz Santry (Haringey Council's executive member for children and young people):
"We are very pleased with the work that East Side Young Leaders' Academy has been doing at The Green


Tom, answers are desperately being sought for the solutions to violence and knife crime. Lewis seemed to provide some answers and unlike all the critics now ripping him to shreds, he has spent a large part of his life trying to help. We are not all perfect Tom, we all mess up. His life could have gone another way, and I hugely respect him for what he has achieved, and for trying so hard.

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