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July 04, 2008


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I really don't understand this "conspiracy" line that Boris is using.

The allegations were made many years ago. All that's happened in the last 24 hours or so are the uncovering / reporting of those allegations.

So this "conspiracy"... he's referring back to the events of many years ago? As far as I am aware, there are no new allegations being made.

Surely a pertinent question to Boris is whether he knew of these allegations? If not, then he must welcome that they have been brought to light so that they can be investigated and, if appropriate, Ray Lewis cleared. And if he didn't know, then I'm surprised that he can give such staunch backing when he's not had time to investigate further. If he DID know about the allegations then he either chose to ignore them (perhaps worrying if so) or he investigated further and decided to trust Mr Lewis - in which case can we be told what the result of Boris' investigation was?


By conspiracy I suspect he's referring to the old Tory shibboleth that there's a shadowy conspiracy of do-gooding politically-correct liberals who seek to do down any member of what they regards as 'their' people (black men, in Lewis' case) who dare step out of line and consort with the forces of light, in the persons of Boris, Maude, Phillips, Sentamu and other right-thinking tough guys sworn to uphold judaeo-christian values against the tide of secular liberalism that will result in dhimmification yada blah winterval baa baa green sheep. It's all rubbish, of course, and we *know* it's rubbish. If you run public policy based on conspiracy theories you're going to come a serious cropper. Reality does, after all, have a liberal bias.

It could of course be that Lewis, having maneouvered himself into a position where vast sums of public money are about to be pumped into what increasingly appears to be a cleverly disguised faith school project for the evangelical wing of the Anglican church (bloody Sentamu, for God's sake - the neocon's pet Anglican), is going to fight tooth and nail to stay there, even down to inventing conspiracies. What are the religous affiliation statistics for London's youth, anyway?

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