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July 09, 2008


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"Well, it's not that there yet"

Hi Dave, I believe the line "Register of Interests: None" might have been added today.

I think John Biggs questioned him further and he did say he would "look at" possibly using blind trusts although he didn't think it was necessary.

Dave  Hill

Hello Rob. That "none" has been up there for ages. Parker explained this morning that he hadn't filled in the declaration but had it in front of him. The rest you know from my post. It was Len Duvall who asked him about blind trusts. From memory Parker indicated he wasn't hostile to the idea but doubted it would make any difference. He is confident there's no conflict of interest.


"That "none" has been up there for ages"

Oh, sorry, I thought it wasn't there when I looked earlier on.
The version of that page in the Google cache dated July 3rd[1] just says has "None" for "Gifts and Hospitality" and the current page has both "Gifts and Hospitality" and "Register Of Interests".


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