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August 01, 2008


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Poor Dicky B - he's going to be so upset when Boris has to stand up and distance his man from the BNP next Mayor's Questions, and there he was thinking him and Boris were going to goosestep London into a bright blond future together. I'm sure the godless PC vermin in the Assembly are honing a question on this very subject as we write. How un-British.

Common Sense

Barnbrook is just about bright enough to realise that if he praises Anthony Browne then lefty bloggers like Dave (always in search of material to smear Boris and the Tories as extremist) will pick up on it and write a story about....Richard Barnbrook.

Same thing happened when Barnbrook supported the changes to the Rise festival. Same thing happened when the BNP 'endorsed' Boris at the election. The BNP is now in an objectively collusive relationship with the left: "we'll make a pro-Boris statement, you'll publicise it as evidence of Tory racism - win, win."


"You make a stupid statement, we'll call you a Nazi", surely? Thus the triumph of the Aryan race is assured.

I'm not sure what your point is, really.


The BNP is now in an objectively collusive relationship with the left

I think you've got the wrong side about making alliances with the BNP. Though I know of one blogger who has a history of doing so....

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