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August 08, 2008


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Re. your point about more accountability and more press conferences, maybe he is waiting until he is more into the job. The job of London Mayor is very complicated and you have to master huge areas of detail. Boris is renowned for being an incredibly quick learner, but it must take at least six months before anyone could get right on top of every subject and master the detail thoroughly. He knows he has to face a lot of hostile questioning from people who will leap on his slightest error and anything he says will be thrown back in his face for ever after, so standing back and mugging up to the nth degree sounds like common sense to me.

Very fair summary of his 100 days, so any criticisms you do make are always worthy of our deepest consideration.


Boris's biggest success so far is the way he has stuck to and highlighted the issue of knife crime. Everyone in London is now aware of the seriousness of this problem and the underlying causes, and being aware of a problem is a big step forward. This is not going to be solved overnight, but I bet he will continue to make it top of his agenda, and push like hell.



1) Knife crime is a Conservative Party talking-point

2) Boris has kept to the script and has kept "highlighting" the issue of knife-crime.


3) The Mayor of London has little influence over the issue of knife-crime while, on the other hand, he has considerable powers over issues like transport.


4) It is not immediately obvious why it is a success that Boris has continued to repeat a Conservative Party talking-point. Let's wait and see what he makes of issues like transport, where he does have powers but will face some tough choices.


Guano, knife crime affects every family in London, and is a very emotional issue. If you did a survey on which problem Londoners would wish to be solved first, knife crime or transport, I would be willing to bet that more people voted for knife crime. Ordinary people don't look at things in political terms, they just want safety for their kids and families.

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