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August 06, 2008


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It should be noted that the first thing Ken Livingstone did when Eric Ollerenshaw lost his Tory list seat on the assembly in 2004 was to appoint him to the LDA board (in his Hackney councillor capacity).

For all Ken's bad points, he did accept that there was more than one political party in the capital and reflected that in such appointments.


In addition to the 'official' Tory representatives on the board, we appear to have a former Tory adviser (Fran Beckett) and a former Tory councillor (Edmund Lazarus). Indeed, Jeremy Mayhew may be a 'Non-party Common Councilman' with the City according to the Mayor's press release, but he was also a former Special Adviser to Peter Lilley. Which is interesting.

Roger Evans

I'm surprised there were only two Labour applicants. When I do shortlisting for public appointments there are usually more socialists than you can shake a stick at. Perhaps they are taking their bat and ball away...

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