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August 01, 2008


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Boris is talking serious balls here - he's on record a couple of months ago welcoming the reductions in crime on buses, tubes and DLR in the months *before* his election. He can therefore neither claim credit for it reducing nor claim that the system was unsafe when he took over. He's actually talking about *fear* of crime as expressed by the suburban Tories who elected him, not the reality of a safe and improving network. Bad sign for the future, really.

[Also, policing the Tube is the BTP's responsibility, under a gentleman called Chief Superintendent Miles Flood. Nothing to do with Sir Ian. Is Boris going to demand democratic control over that, too?]


I think if Boris wants easily scared people to feel safer in London he needs to show up the hysterical 'if it bleeds it leads' 'crime is going up and up' media outlets, not the police.

Sure, report crime (in my book not enough is reported, the media is very selective), but to then go on and sensationalise it and use it as a fulcrum to lever your outlet's political leanings (or that of your chosen pet politician) is taking it too far IMO.

It's a shame because Boris' facts and figures behaviour at the select committee was very welcome, it'll be really sad if he slips back into bordering on BNP style rhetoric.

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