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August 04, 2008


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I think you made a typographical error there Dave; when you said the "appealing Anthony Browne" I think you must have meant the "unending torrent of vitrious bile that is Anthony Browne." (failed attempt at humour)

I wonder when the Standard is going to drop the character assassination of Ken and move on. Strange that its candidate endorsed Barack Obama: a Presidential candidate who resolutely promised in the primaries (and largely kept to that promise) and in the Presidential race to stick to "positive campaigning." And yet the Standard's attacks on Ken are comparable to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth attacks on Kerry; outrights lies and distortion, nothing short of pure propaganda.

Phil Taylor


The contrast between Parker and his nominal £1 per annum salary, Milton unpaid, Malthouse on his (admittedly generous but still half what the stooges were paid) assembly members' allowance and the grasping Livingstone stooges is pretty sick making. The stooges were taken on on the basis that their employment would last as long as the mayor but held out for compensation for loss of office, bigger compensation than Livingstone himself got.

I suspect that Boris himself will be first in the queue to slag his team if they try the same trick in 4 years or 8 years. Meanwhile Livingstone, whose contempt for those Londoners who pay the tab is well known, is silent.

David Boothroyd

Simon Milton is unpaid only until he is confirmed as a Deputy Mayor; then he will be on a six-figure salary. Is Boris intending to scrap the direction giving temporary appointments the same status as permanent jobs? Because he has not said he will do so.


Gave up on the sub years ago - it would always prefer to cover random northern premiership teams than local London clubs.

Most QPR fans hate it. (Yes, all 3 of us before someone else makes the gag).


john b

...and regarding Parker, if someone has an enormous personal fortune, it doesn't really matter in any kind of moral sense whether they're paid 50p a year or £500k...

Frankie Roberto

Seems now that Livingstone extended the temporary appointees employment rights because he had to under a law change (which quite rightly protects people employed under fixed term contracts). So it's annoying that the Standard has to make a political issue out of it.

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