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August 06, 2008


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I'm reminded of the 1981 GLC Elections when Time Out (of all people) discovered that Horace Cutler had accepted large donations from all the major construction companies.


I think it's only fair to point out that this article appeared first in the Evening Standard.
The paper does not just put down Ken and promote Boris but reports on City Hall

Dave  Hill

Hello kb. I must admit I didn't know the Standard had covered the Lazarus connection (though I had assumed it would). I knew the Guardian was because I spoke to Matthew Taylor when he was working on his piece, and therefore knew when it was going live on the Guardian site and linked accordingly. Trust me, though, I am very aware that much of the Standard's coverage of mayoralty-related matters is fair and accurate. I think it would be good if such material enjoyed a higher profile in the paper than the other variety.

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