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September 03, 2008


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oh dear oh dear.

Its the price of oil don't you know. No actually didn't we have a great deal with those Venezuelans?

Tory Troll

I have been waiting for this one. Fuel costs are up. Tube contracts are up and the costs of the CC consultation, Routemaster design, and ditching of the Venezuela deal and £25 charge have made this inevitable.

Think back to the words of our old friend Tim Parker on BBC London in July:

"“I know the attitude of the current mayor is to make sure that we properly fund transport for London and if that mean following the inflationary increases in costs then its only responsible to see what the impact should be on fares.”

What's the betting? My reckoning is a 10% increase minimum.


I'm certainly expecting it sooner or later, not least because nearly every other public transport operator in the country already has (20% is about the figure, which would put the bus fare up to about £1.10). Perhaps we'll hear at the same time if the half-price income support scheme will continue?

Annie Mole

Thanks for the heads up Dave. I had a particularly bad morning getting into work (huge TfL FAIL Whale) for that, so this wasn't exactly music to my ears.

Here's my post http://london-underground.blogspot.com/2008/09/tfl-to-announce-fare-increases-on.html and I agree with Tory Troll about it being 10%

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