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September 04, 2008


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I've never heard a single word of praise for the scheme from a Tory since the election, and as a result it's always been the sick wildebeeste at the back of the herd as far as projects go. I'd assumed it would be canned, and am more interested in how far up the project food chain Boris is willing to go to cut costs - Thames Gateway Bridge, Dagenham Dock DLR extension, Greenwich Waterfront Transit, East London Transit, East London Line Extension Phase 2, LU line upgrades/resignalling, Crossrail...

London Tories hate street-running trams anyway. No idea why*, they're the only realistic bendy bus replacement. Just ask the people on the 207. Ken would have given them trams. Boris is going to give them the double deckers that were inadequate four years ago.

* OK, I do know - they take roadspace away from cars.

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