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September 04, 2008


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If Ken's gimmicks cost us £84 million and Boris' are costing us £146 million (with potential more millions if the Western Extension goes), then we could make a £62 million saving by impeaching Boris or having a recall election and voting Ken back in.

Even if the mentioned figures for the CO2 charge (I thought the Greens and inner boroughs wanted it?) and the West London Tram were added to Ken's total (I suspect the £84 million included them), we'd still get more value for money under Ken.

Maybe I'm just mean and think that Boris is being arrogant in deciding that the Chavez and £25 charge contributed to Ken's downfall, rather than the Evening Boris and the doughnut strategy.

Roger Evans

The budget committee has requested details of the advice given to the previous mayor by TfL and his responses, so all will become clear, although not before the news agenda has moved on, unfortunately.

And it would be nice to see less complaining about the so called 'doughnut strategy'. Some people seem to think that residents of outer London boroughs like mine shouldn't count when it comes to the vote - although they are always appreciated when the bills are sent out.


OneHopeOnechoice, the flaw in your plan is Ken wouldn't get back in though. If we add up the salaries of his female friends and partners, how much would that come to? And add on the cost of all the projects that never came to fruition or produced anything.... then there was the cost of the bus to Beijing, the newt project he was going to finance, the general wastefulness and lack of due diligence.....

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