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September 03, 2008


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As a steer in an interesing direction, check out Sir Simon Milton's environmental record, particularly last year's LivCom event in Westminster, attended by both Boris and Charles Secrett, Ken's environmental guy. Also look who attended the Environment Committee meeting yesterday - Sir Simon again...

Tory Troll

Compare Milton's rather vague job description:


with what he told the Planning and Spatial Development Committee:

"oversight of a number of policy areas for the GLA including specifically planning, housing, the environment and waste. There will be specialist advisors appointed in some of these areas but in terms of overall direction the Mayor would like me to take responsibility to make sure that the policies coming out of the GLA are consistent with his priorities."

Asked by the environment committee yesterday if Dedring would have executive powers, Milton confirmed that this was not the current intention but that they would do "whatever works".

So basically all the balls are now in Milton's court. Dedring will have to get through Milton first if she wants to push anything through.

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