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May 04, 2006



The Polish community is flourishing here too, at the top end of the Clapton roads. Though here, for the most part, existing traders are accommodating the newcomers by stocking Polish food, beer, newspapers etc (I've been trying some of the beer and quite of few of them mess me up very quickly or, oddly, seem to consist of a lot of sugary lemonade with beer mixed into it). But change is afoot, and I've spotted one provisions shop has opened up on the road towards Seven Sisters. The whole assimilation process has been fast and fascinating to watch and, largely, has been tension-free.

What would interest me would be how the new Polish migrants are (or are not) welcomed by long-established Polish communities, such as in Ealing. I wonder if there are more problems in these areas then there are here?


Hello Quink. Nice to hear from you. Forgive my delay in responding. I had a chat with one of the authors of the IPPR report and he said that the new Poles seem very different from the established ones and that it would be fascinating to see how their relationship developed. It's atheme I may return to. Keep in touch.


And where be this fine establishment? I am having a cup of the finest borscht, dreaming of being back in Warsaw!

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