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May 22, 2006


ziba dudley

Fire started in the health suite - sauna ceiling collapsed and caught fire .... perhaps.


i thought it was the kitchen. Not that anyone ever cooks anything in there

Dave Hill

Thank you Ziba. No doubt the Gazette won't have the full story on Thursday. Will talk to the press office tomorrow. Do you wicked Jules-taunters think he's doing a good job re. naughty Nike or is he going to end up looking silly? He milked the situation quite nicely on Five Live on Friday afternoon, I thought.

Youngone: you're right about the non-cooking. I feel so sorry for that nice woman who...doesn't cook anything in there.

Ziba Dudley

http://tinyurl.com/opqud - it's a smokescreen


Martin McCallion

Yeah, the roads were jammed for miles around when I was cycling home last night. Somebody shouted at me for riding on the pavement on Median Road, which is not something I normally do, but I couldn't get through between the cars.

This morning there was a distinct smell of burnt stuff in the air, but no visible damage from outside. Just a guy in a fluorescent jacket standing at the open door, with some chairs blocking it off.

Let's hope the lido opens soon.

Dave Hill

Let's also hope the council press office returns my call some time this year so I can tell people what happened...

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