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June 25, 2006


Jack Bauer

a barely-concealed critique of 'relativism'

I'm shocked. You can get on the BBC if you're not a Leftian Fundamentalist?

What's the world coming too? This is what I'm forced to pay £130 a year to endure.

Dave Hill

Hello Jack. I just think it's odd and rather funny that Atkins's hard right view of society is so freely expressed in this ostensibly most apolitical/neutral of broadcast slots. A weird anomaly. I'd like TFTD to shed its religious character and be opened up to a wide range of contributors, secular or religious, who would be free to editorialise about anything they wanted. Of course, there would endless rows about 'balance' but you get them anyway and it's not always a bad thing. The upside would be a more interesting TFTD. As for those who moan that the BBC is a hot bed of 'PC' Leftists...hmmm. Not in my experience I have to say. And I'd have more respect for those who drone endlessly about bias if they weren't so unbalanced themselves. Best Wishes.

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