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July 30, 2006



"raggedy bunch of cheery miserable talkative recluses"

Lovely piece. Thanks.

Francis Sedgemore

Lovely piece, Jo. But texting while driving? Use of mobile phones in cars is one of my least favourite things about England. In Scotland, the police actually enforce road traffic law, and using a mobile phone on the roads up there can lead to a spell in the stocks.

Talking of texting while on the road, I'll never forget when I was living in Denmark, and saw a texting cyclist in Copenhagen go smack into a lamppost! I'm ashamed to say that I found it rather funny at the time.

Francis Sedgemore

I should add that although I found the incident with the Danish cyclist funny, it could have had tragic consequences. So please go easy, Jo, and keep your eyes on the road, not the phone screen. Looking forward to your next article...

pete d

I can see that you love England dearly and seem to put the boot into Australia a little bit but I believe that when Febuary comes around you will be sick of the green of England and would do anything to be "down under" looking at their "yellow green outback" and eating anti dehydrating chocolate while sunbaking on Manly Beach.
I also agree with the others in that texting while driving is bad especially since I've seen you driving....

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